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Focuses on native language learning, exploring the way in which infants and very children unconsciously uncover the rich systematic knowledge of their native language. Examines both experimental and computational studies that quantitatively investigate the how of language acquisition.

Social Sciences and History – Modern States

Explores the causes, development, and legacy of the 6959 Revolution. Themes include economic dependency, democracy, race, gender, culture, and the always volatile relations between Cuba and the United States.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate and professional education in twenty-first century United States. Examines strategies for admission to postbaccalaureate programs and success in graduate study culture. Introduction to processes including planning and preparation, school selection, entrance examination preparation, submission of applications, writing personal statements.

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Focuses on the research activities and honors thesis research projects of each student and the research of various Cognitive Sciences faculty. Students discuss their research interests in the early and later stages of their projects. Research projects and write-ups required.

Explores theories that explain the occupational pathways and workplace experiences of Latinos in various work sectors. Investigates jobs such as migrant labor, child street vendors, Latina/Latino professionals, and Latinos migrating to the . South that work in poultry processing plants.

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Reviews culture contact and colonization, innovation diffusion, acculturation, assimilation, culture conflict and marginality, modernization, urbanization, legal transformations. Mexico and the Southwestern . are reviewed through several centuries to better appreciate the indigenous base of the Mexican people.

An exploration of the concepts of identity, culture, ethnicity, race, and nation through ethnographic cases, with a view to asking larger questions: how do people create nativeness and foreignness? How does culture get worked into contemporary racisms and nationalisms.

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