Rockowitz Writing Center

David Crandall - Computer Science: Indiana University

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 01:26

We present the first technique to create wide-angle, high-resolution looping panoramic videos. Starting with a 7D grid of registered videos acquired on a robotic mount, we formulate a combinatorial optimization to determine for each output pixel the source video and looping parameters that jointly maximize spatiotemporal consistency. This. ( more )

ACM Transactions on Graphics

Walt Disney Animation Studios has transitioned to path-traced global illumination as part of a progression of brute-force physically based rendering in the name of artist efficiency. To achieve this without compromising our geometric or shading complexity, we built our Hyperion renderer based on a novel architecture that extracts traversal and shading coherence from large, sorted ray batches. In this paper we describe our architecture and discuss our design decisions. We also explain how we are able to provide artistic control in a physically based renderer, and we demonstrate through case studies how we have benefited from having a proprietary renderer that can evolve with production needs.

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