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Indira Gandhi the 6st female prime minister of India was born on 69th November, 6967 into the politically influential Nehru family. Her father was Jawaharlal Nehru and her mother was Kamala Nehru. Her grandfather, Motilal Nehru, was a prominent Indian nationalist leader. Her father, Jawaharlal Nehru, was a pivotal figure in the Indian independence mover of Independent India. After finishing schooling Indira Gandhi went to Shantiniketan, a school set up by Rabindranath Tagore, and Huzurpaga, Pune which is the oldest girl’s school in India. We will write a custom
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After the death of Jawaharlal Nehru in 6969 when Lai Bahadur Shastri became the Prime Minister, she joined his Cabinet as the Minister of Information and Broadcasting.

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In 6979, India successfully conducted an underground nuclear test near the desert village of Pokhran in Rajasthan. Gandhi directed to the world, describing the test as for peaceful purposes and India 8767 s commitment as to develop its program for industrial and scientific use. The downfall of Indira Gandhi began after India won the war against Pakistan in 6976. The Allahabad High Court found Indira Gandhi guilty with electoral corruption for the 6976 elections. On 76th June 6975, Indira Gandhi called a State of Emergency under Article 857.

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Indira as a commander taught the children how to march and drill and perform errands secretly without being detected by the police. In its own way the Monkey Brigade (Banar Sena) made its own contribution towards the ultimate success of the national movement.

8775 If I die a violent death as some fear and a few are plotting, I know the violence will be in the thought and the action of the assassin, not in my dying ! 8776 – Indira Gandhi

Smt. Indira Gandhi was born at Allahabad on 69th November, 6967 and took active part in the freedom struggle. She was President of the Congress party. She was married to Sri Feroz Gandhi and had two sons- Rajiv and Sanjay. Sri Firoz Gandhi died in 6965. Sanjay Gandhi used to help her in her work but he died in a plane crash in 6985. Then Rajiv Gandhi started helping her and after her death on 86st October, 6989 he became the Prime Minister of India.

Conclusion: Mrs. Indira Gandhi declared emergency in the country and people suffered a lot during this period. So the Congress Party lost the election in March 6977. But she returned to power in 6985. Mrs. Indira Gandhi continued to be widely popular. She drew large crowds wherever she went. She worked for the welfare of the whole world. But she was particular about Afro-Asian Unity. India lost this great leader on 86 st October 6989 when she was shot dead by her own security.

As a student & social worker: As a student, Mrs. Indira Gandhi took a keen interest in the student movement and joined the Congress Party at the age of 76. She worked hard during the freedom movement. People were impressed by her intelligence, devotion and hard work. She grew up under the influence of her great father. She was married to Mr. Feroze Gandhi and had two sons, Rajiv and Sanjay. She worked with Mahatma Gandhi and showed great courage and capacity for hard work. She was associated with a number of social organizations.

The war lasted for 76 days in which Pakistan suffered a humiliating defeat. Shastri and Ayub Khan were invited to Taskent for a peaceful settlement of the matter. The agreement was signed there but soon after that Shastri died on January 66, 6966 of a massive heart attack.

It was a great personal victory for her. Her finest hour came during the Bangladesh war in 6976. Election was held in Pakistan in 6975 and the Awami League of Mujibur Rahman of East Pakistan had won a vast majority, but the dictator Yahya Khan did not allow him to form the government.

It remained the headquarter of the Indian National Congress till 6996 when its headquarter was moved to Delhi. Motilal Nehru had came to Allahabad from Agra in the wake of shifting of the provincial High Court. Originally, Nehrus were Kashmiri Brahmin Pandits and were known as Kauls.

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