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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 21:14

The coalition politics has also added to the scams of the country. Scams have become day to day news. Scams have become ways to regain the investments made in the election campaigns and pay in kind the corporate houses for the help they provided during the election campaigns. Also, since the coalition is short lived and chances of coming back to power are slim, the policy to get as much as one can, has taken precedence over honesty and public good. Swiss banks are filled with black money from the MPs, MLAs and other big names of corporate giants. A hush-hush agreement was done by our government with the Swiss government to help the black money escape from the public eyes.

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The constitution of India has provided for a democratic form of government. It is the duty of the government to maintain this structure. The democratic feature along with secularism, sovereignty and republic are the features which describe the values of the Indian society. It is the duty of the policy makers to remove all the defects of democracy, if it exists. Democracy as per Abraham Lincoln is government of the people, by the people and for the people. The control lie in the hands of the public via its elected representatives. Thus social movements should be the carrier of change in the society as revolutions contradicts the very definition of democracy.

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Some hold that prejudice is a negative attitude. But this is not correct. Prejudice refers to both positive and negative attitude towards the member of some distinct social group. On the other hand, discrimination refers to negative actions directed towards some distinct social groups or persons or institutions.


There are many prominent crisis that’s holding back rural education to match up with the education system in urban educational centers. The right reformation can definitely bring about a positive change towards the development of rural education in India.

Public outrage over criminalization of politics also resulted in shunning up of political structures by electorate. Voting age was reduced from 76 years to 68 years by the force of 66st constitutional amendment. Despite the lowering of age, voting percentages plummeted to new lows in elections. It underscores the extent of delusion the youth have about political structures. Politics was shunned as a career on account of the shimmering discontent, dissatisfaction with way our political life was organized. Failure of political parties to attract youth in election – either as candidate or as a voter – remains their drawback. In a democratic nation, demographically predominantly this is unpardonable.

Having said that, you started well from second paragraph after taking cue from the last sentence of the Introduction. This has given a good flow to your essay.

Whoever may be right, least of my concern. My concern is about those kids of Marathwada who are dieing of starvation and this number is increasing every year.

There is no time to wait, analyse and reason before accepting the facts. Their ambiguous and vague ideas and beliefs about other countries now in a crisis situation become crystallized and they quickly accept the readymade ideas and suggestions.

Poverty has many dimensions and causes, and it is clear that different kinds of action are needed at different levels (international, regional, national and sub-national) if it is to

It is a good essay. You have taken a stand in your introduction and defended it with good arguments till the end. Though more of economic aspects are there, you have still managed to provide socio-cultural aspects too. As your stars indicate, it is a good essay. Anyway, there is always scope for improvement. 🙂

Gyan Darshan Channel is a channel totally dedicated for providing education to the students who cannot afford to go to school. Correspondance courses by IGNOU and other organizations are another means of getting education.

Regional parties have become more prominent and regional issues are brought more intensely to the foray. Government by different parties at state and centre has added to the diversity of democracy. International issues like marshy areas between Gujrat and Pakistan, Kashmir issue, treatment of Tamils in SriLanka etc are brought out in state elections. Also, state parties have important stake in the coalition governments.

India has been the pinnacle of higher education in ancient times. The accounts of Chinese traveler Huien Tsang studying at Nalanda University at around seventh century BC is a shining example. But in recent times hardly any university has made a mark in international circles. Even the top colleges of India like IITs, IIMs, AIIMs and IIScs have not been able to make it to the top hundred universities of the world. If India has to emerge as a dominant force in the international arena, we have to increase the standard of higher education so as to reach the glory of the yesteryears.

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