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The Old Testament narrative depicts a male-dominated society that was probably typical of the ancient Near East. Men are the rulers, the religious leaders, and the warriors in the nation of Israel. Women predominantly fulfill a secondary role, as the wives or the handmaidens of the male protagonists. The Book of Genesis defines this role for women from the outset. God curses Eve to a life of child-rearing and of service to her husband, Adam. Yet this curse represents a punishment not a blessing. The story of Eve explains why women have a secondary role in society, but the biblical writers do not claim that this is the way life for women should or must remain.

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Instead, the biblical writers portray women who show strength and independence despite their marginal status. The Book of Esther praises a Jewish woman who, as queen of Persia, boldly breeches rules of propriety and persuades the king to remove his edict sanctioning the destruction of the Jews. Similarly, the Book of Proverbs personifies Wisdom as a woman, calling out her advice to wayward men in the city streets. Proverbs identifies Wisdom as a part of God&rsquo s character, blurring the typical personification of God as male. Perhaps such biblical books offer a model for the way in which traditional hierarchies between men and women can be reconsidered.


The bible states that you are not to focus on words of no value and look at the big picture 7 Timothy 7:69
[ Dealing With False Teachers ] Keep reminding God’s people of these things. Warn them before God against quarreling about words it is of no value, and only ruins those who listen.. The reason for this was the attempted forced paganism of the church by deception. The Bible interprets itself as intended and todays false interpretations and nit picking are very troubling and indicative of corruption. Here, watch this for how the. Read more

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9. What are some of the images used in biblical poetry to depict God, humans, and the conflict between good and evil? How do these metaphors continue the themes and motifs of the Old Testament?

Unlike earlier prophets, these writings say far less about the prophets and more about the words of God that they give and receive (Whybray, 6998). The word prophet is generally accepted to have come from the Hebrew word ‘nabi’ which means to speak or to utter words. The biblical usage of the word has meant that it has come to be associated with someone who is the interpreter and mouthpiece of is made clear in the opening verses of the Book of Amos, a shepherd of Tekoa.

Hear o heavens, and listen, o earth for the Lord has spoken: I reared children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against me (Isaiah, 6:7 NRSV).

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The book of Amos begins by introducing the prophet as a shepherd and then goes straight into the message from God as in verse two. Isaiah also begins by introducing the prophet and then proceeds to God’s word to the people. Some prophets were sons of prophets and some belonged to a community of prophets under a leader, some were solitary like Amos who did not really count himself a prophet,

Both Amos and Isaiah spoke out against social injustice and the ways in which the rich people cheated those who were poor. The prophet Amos spoke out against the idolatry of the people, who still strayed after the golden calf idol which had been set up by King Jeroboam the first when the nation was first split into two kingdoms. Amos spoke in the time of Jeroboam the second when Israel was enjoying a time of prosperity (Clines, 6995). Amos spoke out against the religious and social corruption that he saw around him. He spoke of Israel’s guilt and of their forthcoming punishment in chapter three:

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