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Assault Gets Even Uglier:Controversy escalates over sexual

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 18:50

When leaving the building, assemble in an area established by the specific evacuation plan for your building (if required), area designated by your supervisor, or 655 feet from the main entrance of the building where you will not hinder the approaching firefighters and apparatus. Upon arrival at the assembly point, a survey of staff members/students/visitors present shall be conducted to determine if anyone failed to evacuate the building. If anyone is discovered to be missing, immediately report that information to the Emergency Responders (Police, Fire or Emergency Services).

Campus Religious Life in America: Revitalization and Renewal

This is one area where, for once, the humanities are safe. Any profession and job involving not just transportation, but also calculation, computing, unskilled factory labor, etc. will give way to automation. Voices of caution such as Nicholas Carr won’t slow the process. Robots don’t need health coverage and pensions, and they don’t join unions.

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Academic freedom cannot and will not flourish if its alleged defenders reserve their outrage only for when their ideological allies fall victim to the online mob. If progressives feel they have to torch conservative straw men before mustering up the courage to defend free inquiry, then academic freedom has a dark future indeed. Conservatives will be walled out entirely, and progressive discourse will be jammed into ever-tighter ideological spaces as a brave few liberals fight a desperate rear-guard action against the true radicals.

The World's Best GoFundMe Involves Poop, Firemen, and a

Three years later Burgins’ feeling has turned to reality. The rising senior from High Point, . is a Dean 8767 s List student majoring in Biology with collaterals in both Chemistry and Spanish. She 8767 s a Patriot Mentor in FMU 8767 s new Center for Academic Success and Achievement, a star on the women 8767 s basketball team, and a woman who is very much at home.

Faculty reaction to the initial AUx proposal was somewhat muted. Arts and Sciences Dean Peter Starr co-chaired the committee in charge of it, and Provost Scott Bass pushed it heavily, so people were none too keen on futilely challenging the people who determine their salaries or become identified as an opponent of diversity.  Nevertheless, faculty feedback included complaints about AUx inculcating a political viewpoint.

But “Don’t get me wrong,” she concludes. It wasn’t all bad. “I caught up with friends and colleagues of color and met new ones. These moments kept me going. And I did have some moments of rest with a few absolutely invaluable and genuine white allies.” Who knows? Maybe even some of her best friends are white, though it sounds like whites are at best allies in “this racial battle called life.”

One final consideration. It used to be the case that parents and students demanded small classes and lots of instructor attention. But from what I’ve seen and heard lately, grades and accreditation increasingly matter more than the human touch. Administrators and humanities colleagues at other campuses tell me that income and employment prospects are #6 in the minds of the 8775 customers, 8776 not an intense engagement with professors.

DeBoer writes as an academic—he holds three degrees from three different public universities, and is Academic Assessment Manager at a fourth, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York—and as a leftist—another of his recent articles makes clear that he doesn’t want to regulate profit, but do away with it entirely.

Alt-Right, Alt-Left, “both sides,” white supremacists, Antifa, CEO resignations:  America is having a moment. Tempers are flaring, and statues are falling. President Trump and the press are in an angry stand-off.

Please do not call the Rutgers Police regarding possible weather related delays, cancellations, or closures. During inclement weather conditions, it is vitally important that they be able to receive emergency calls. Also, please refrain from calling the radio and television stations. They will not give out information over the telephone anyway, and a large volume of calls can tie up their phone lines at critical times too.

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