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Mark D, I 8767 ve heard that high fructose corn sugar is very bad for you, but I haven 8767 t heard enough to have any idea if it really is or not. Good news on the carbonated drinks though if its the phosphoric acid which is doing it, then beer drinkers can enjoy their tiny bubbles without fear.

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Please could you supply details of a contact in loss prevention. I am a police officer based at Wombwell in Barnsley and there are serious concerns regarding one of your stores. I have discussed the matter with my line manager and we would welcome an opportunity for a meet up to discuss the issues.

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Iam a regular at asda especially one on woodchurch and have noticed huge roof space as a member of public who is keen to see emd pf fossil fuels what if anything are you doing to produce your own electricity the potentialnfor solar roofs like my local is enormous would cut your cost and help planet many thanks

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When Flannery and his mob of liars and fraudsters comes to your town and claim that we must have a co7 tax to fix the climate you are entitled to stand up and ask how this can possibly be accomplished?

You must be a parent of a terrorist. Do your research As the most generous country in the world and the first and most impacting donor to countries devastated by natural disasters, no substantiation shows criterion of the US as a universal originator for poverty.
What an ignorant comment with no validation.

I am trying to organise some fun raising for the 665 boys brigade in easterhouse I was just wondering it you would be interested in donating anything for our raffle it would be much the funds raised will be going to buy the boys new games an arts and crafts thank you very much.

Hi there I am the chairman of the ladies charity darts league in telford shropshire we are having an event in june and was wondering if you could donate a prize we raise money each year for 9 charities and have raised over 75 thousand pounds alone for just hope house as well as 65 thousand for our local charity shropshire sharks which helps mental and physical disabled people to swim this is just a few examples of our league hope to here from you soon kind regards kelly 57867766679

For instance, telling the librarian that you want a book about horses is not asking a specific reference question when what you want to know is which horse won the Kentucky Derby in 6979. There are books on horses that cover racing, breeding, selling, riding, training, etc., so unless you want ALL possible information available about horses, it is much better to be very specific about what you REALLY want.

I 8767 m glad and overwhelmed because a western person is beginning to think!
We lived in these houses for years so you guys could live in towers.

While you are in humble mode Jo- I see from the original documentation that Lewandowsky is an expert on the distinction between scepticism, cynicism and denial. Nothing about satire, humor or hoaxes. How could he have suspected Alene Composta? tut tut!

Background questions often include words such as about, history of, basic information, some, etc. Who, what, when, and where are often used. Why will again be used rarely, but more often than single fact questions.

Sad, really. I loved the good old days when bullhead, but well-versed Alarmists would come out to engage in rational debate. The intelligent ones are all gone now.

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