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Brain, Mind, Soul, and Spirit—Unified in Personality

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B: I was trying to illustrate that all through my talk. It is precisely the notion that there isn't any moral language except how I feel, what I prefer, what I feel comfortable with. There is an inability in most of educated America to have any moral conversation about what is good because it is considered inappropriate for you to make a statement that anything in particular is good. You have to preface it with: I think, I feel. You have to subjectivize it. That undermining of any possibility of coming to a common moral understanding of the world I think greatly weakens our capacity to be citizens.

Between Gadamer and Ricoeur: Preserving Dialogue in the

The time has finally rolled around for my last installment of the series I have been working on for quite a while now covering the major modern translations of the Septuagint. While there are other translations in progress (., Japanese and I believe also modern Hebrew), there are four translations currently dominating scholarly discussion. These are the translations into English ( NETS ), French (BdA Part I and Part II ), Spanish ( LBG ), and German. So far we have discussed three out of the four with a view to understanding the differing methodologies involved in each project. At last, we have come to the German translation, known as the Septuaginta Deutsch , or .

Three Horizons: Hermeneutics from the Other End - An

65. On select symbols of a ritual see Victor Turner, Forest of Symbols , 69-97 and Margaret Kelleher, The Communion Rite, , 658-666 Paul Ricoeur, The Symbolism of Evil (Boston: Beacon Press, 6967) especially, the primary symbols, 8-657.


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But how will God be faithful to both covenants, to the law and the gospel? How will he be &ldquo just and the justifier&rdquo (Ro 8:76)? It will be by causing his own Son, the Last Adam and True Israel, to fulfill all righteousness and yet to pass through the judgment cut off from the land of the living for our sins, so that his righteousness becomes definitive for the solidarity of his new creation in and with him. Our focus now turns, therefore, from the dark night of human rebellion to this sunrise of the Messiah: the one who comes as Lord and Servant of the everlasting covenant.

Our hope is that Pentecostals will be able to build upon their own internal diversity (which they affirm) and begin to recognize the potential for diversity in the Body of Christ. With that recognition, respect might emerge.

66 Wilder Penfield, The Mystery of the Mind (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 6975), 76-77, as cited in Terence L. Nichols, The Sacred Cosmos: Christian Faith and the Challenge of Naturalism (Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 7558), 677-678.

68. For example, in one church the pastor gives most of the words of knowledge that follow the sermon and preceded the rites of healing. In another church the pastor most often gives the interpretation to a message in tongues.

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