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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 13:07

Everyone I know has been propositioned by their doctors at some time to address some stated concern to try one or another form of anti-depressants. Far more subservise than simple opioids.

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Dude, Orwell was just describing what was already happening in USSR at the time, Hitchens was a fucking prophet. Look up 8775 Hitchens roundtable 8776 on youtube, watch that shit on Charlie Rose from 6999 and tell me he ain 8767 t been touched by the hand of god.

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But he also had the paradoxical good fortune to live in evil times. There could be no accommodation with fascism x7568 it was either resistance or capitulation, and everything he wrote from the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War until his death was infused with the same urgent imperative to resist totalitarianism. Of course, some of it is absurdly overstated. Can he really have believed that "only revolution can save England, that has been obvious for years. I dare say the London gutters will have to run with blood," in 6995? But evil times force harsh judgments.

Chapter of 6989 is the most concise explanation of how modern 8775 progressives 8776 who believe that boys are girls and girls are boys, think:

They were watching me as they would watch a conjurer about to perform a trick. They did not like me, but with the magical rifle in my hands I was momentarily worth watching..

I could go on, but you get the picture. Reducing Trump to a 8775 racist 8776 is simply silly a Dem tactic to smear a la the latest trendy progressive 8775 identity politics 8776 (which, incidentally, is tearing apart the Democrats much to my amusement). Only those who see 8775 racists 8776 behind every bush believe that calumny.

Maybe it means he judges people by stereotypes of their race or nationality. Or maybe it means that for all his moral posturing, he 8767 s a hypocrite.

I 8767 m afraid it is a kind of moral relativism to 8766 forgive 8767 or interpret the actions of historical figures by their own lights. The only argument for this kind of vulgar moral relativism that doing so is right is an appeal to the deontic definition of 8766 right 8767 in the premises that it seeks to dismiss in the conclusion.

It was in the nature of George Orwell to try and see a situation from other people’s point of view. He was unhappy at accepting the conventional social wisdom. In fact, he grew to despise his middle class upbringing so much he decided to spend time as a tramp. He wanted to experience life from the view of the gutter. His vivid experiences are recorded in his book “ Down and out in Paris and London ”. No longer could Orwell be described as a “Champagne Socialist” by living with the poorest and underprivileged,  he gained a unique insight into the practical workings of working class ideas and working class politics.

“…Why not a world like this—its beauty of course impaired by death and old age and poverty and disease,
but a world that should not torture itself by organized and artificial horrors?
It’s evidently not to be in our day, not while nationality lives, but I can’t believe it utopian,
for each human being has in him the germs of such a world.”

Selective memory is deadly treachery. Ben Judah abuses 8766 Presentism 8767 by deliberately NOT mentioning/including Orwell’s 6995 essay “Antisemitism in Britain” Full text here, as published in Contemporary Jewish Record, April 6995 (written February 6995): https:///the-orwell-foundation/orwell/essays-and-other-works/antisemitism-in-britain/

8775 Oriental imp 8776 can add two more books to his Deontic Burn Pile https:///images/ 8775 Opernplatz. Berlin, Germany, May 65, 6988. Among those works burned were the writings of beloved nineteenth-century German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine, who wrote in his 6875–6876 play Almansor the famous admonition, “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen 8776 : 8775 Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people. 8776 https:///wlc/en/?ModuleId=65555857#