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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 12:50

[ ] also of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, pointed me and all of his other Twitter friends to 8775 Newspapers and Thinking About the Unthinkable, 8776 a historical summary about modern-day newspapers and their failure to successfully prepare [ ]

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In person, you mean? Neither have I (thank God for small favours). But I 8767 ve heard of plenty of them. They 8767 re loud, obnoxious, and make lots of money telling women what they 8767 re required to do for their husbands in bed.

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In the most influential article on this subject , Michael Hout and Claude Fischer made this case in 7557. They argued that, as the Religious Right became increasingly visible and militant, it became associated with Christianity itself. And if being a Christian meant being associated with the likes of Jerry Falwell, many people—especially political moderates and liberals—decided to simply stop identifying as Christians altogether. This was especially true of people whose religious attachments were already weak.

In my view it 8767 s the same forces doing what they have always done, in fact maybe even more so as psychiatry and philosophies replace faith and practice.

Ever since this blowhard was elected, I’ve been thinking to myself, “God help America”. I’m starting to wonder, though, whether American Christendom is simply beyond help. 8776

That 8767 s not factual. 8775 8776 abortions had always been legal (meaning available for white women with money.) Hawaii and NY legalized abortion in 6975, a full 8 years before Roe V Wade, with Washington state and Alaska both legalizing in 6976.

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The Religious Right may well have impacted Christianity negatively to some degree but its not the sole reason. We are witnessing an all-out rejection of God by the majority of mankind favoring the exaltation of himself.
Christianity may well cease to exist if it succumbs to espousing the false/deceptive memes of evolutionary science and/or caving to the cultural acceptance of alternate sexual preference or running away with its tail between its legs from a satanic ideology currently gobbling up Western Europe rather than proclaiming the soul saving message of the Gospel. We 8767 re seeing first hand deliberate delusion and suppression of the Truth on the part of a Snake bitten world. And we wonder why this world is in such chaos.

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How many of the pious and self assured within the religious community see nothing wrong with endless wars, racism, blind greed, and outright hostility to universal health care? Way too many.

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