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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 17:38

It 8767 s true that paper cut for laser printers is usually 8766 long grain 8767 but you can order paper 8766 short grain 8767 too, depending on your needs. 66 765 67 or larger sheets cut for offset or docutech are often short grain (grain running the 66 8798 dimension) because they 8767 re folded or cut to size along the grain.

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When I made doubleZero , I was still living in Canada, and got wonderful help from the National Library of Canada. It was years ago, but if it 8767 s a typical government department, the same staff might still be there until the end of time. In this case, you 8767 d be lucky, 8767 cause they were great to deal with. They can set you up with your own run of ISBN numbers and provide you with the Cataloguing-in-Publication data to put on the inside cover. In exchange, they 8767 ll request two copies of your book for the National Library of Canada archives, which is actually kinda cool to imagine (though it did make me think of that scene in the giant warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark ).
You can reach them here.

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I didn 8767 t know about any dedicated cover design software. Yet another market for cashing in on writers 8767 ambitions. Having looked at that package, I agree with you: a template-driven program is the thing to use only if you want to create a book that looks exactly like every other spiritless title cranked out of a publishing machine.

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What worked for me was buying photo inkjet paper and printing on the wrong (non-glossy) side. Ultimately, though, I switched to printing with an inkjet printer onto the proper side of photo paper, and I 8767 m very happy with the result.

Hello! I came across your site while searching for a book press. I was quickly distracted 🙂 I 8767 ve always wondered how to bind books using signatures, but couldn 8767 t find a good reference. I 8767 ve only ever used stab book binding but now that I 8767 ve found your page I want try my hand at this method. Thank you for sharing this!

Hi Hamish- I need to make 75 smallish books for Christmas present project. What would be the best method? where do I start? How much time?
Thank you

there 8767 s another, free imposition program available now. here 8767 s the link to the mac version: http:///progDownload/Cheap-Impostor-Download-

congratulations for the article. My english is awful. Im from argentina. I want to stamp gold letters on the cover. how to do this. thank you very much and merry christmas.

Personally, I would have kept the Epson printer and dumped Vista for an older OS. The whole point of our hobby is producing high quality hand-made books (for which we need good printers and good inks), not submitting to Microsoft 8767 s endless cycle of expensive forced upgrades.

So, in short, if you want to know more, talk more, or share your experiences with me (because I 8767 ve still got lots to learn, especially about how to reach an audience for a finished book), feel free to contact me at:
postbox AT hamish macdonald DOT com.

Voila! Imposed book. (You will need to wait a few seconds/mins for the site to do its magic then just follow instructions on getting the file onto your computer).

I don 8767 t blame you or anyone for using commercial software. I 8767 ll be honest, what you don 8767 t pay in dollars to use free software you do pay in mental effort and frustration. What I am confused by is why you would specifically forego a superior printer simply to use Windows VISTA. Windows XP continues to work quite well, and I have yet to see a compelling reason to pay to upgrade to Vista, while at the same time I 8767 ve seen some very good reasons (such as your printer driver problems) to stay with XP.

Let dry. Fold the trailing edge of the cover paper in, or trim it off. You 8767 ve got a book! Perfect-bound copies of my books:

There is a great freeware program that I found at . It is a front-end processor for LaTeX documents. It lets you concentrate more on your document, book, article, etc. and much less on the mechanics involved. There are many templates available that make the output very publish-worthy. It is necessary to learn a bit about LaTeX (pronounced 8775 lay-tek 8776 )but the result is worth it.

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