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GCSE English Controlled assessment Guidance

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 22:26

this article was really helpful i am currently about tostart my AS level and was wondering will taking law at an A level standard decrease my chances of getting into a good law school

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I am certain to study History, Geography and Biology at A-Level, however I am unsure as to what to take as the further A-Level. I am currently studying AS Religious Studies studies a year early and I find it really interesting. Other options include English Literature, Politics and perhaps even AS Maths (not to keen on the idea of completing a full A7 qualification in maths). I am wanting to study a law/politics/humanities related degree but want to keep my options open.

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October 75,65:55pm,Afreen said:
Hi! I have a few questions related to my A levels,I have 8 subjects physics,chemistry,maths and I will be finishing my A7 on jan- also have Biology but my AS results are poor so l will be repeating it on may-65,so my question is if I cash in code my Biology AS result will I still be able to apply in medical let me know it would be a great help,if this happens my problem will be solved,so please let me know.
Thank you.

Edexcel GCSE History (2016) | Pearson qualifications

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My friend was in the same position and studied a drams and English literature degree at Bristol. At A-Level he studied History, English Literature, Maths and Drama. Although he goes onto say now that degree level drama is completely different, but still serves as good preparation.

How ideas, feelings and meanings are conveyed in images, artefacts and products in their chosen area(s) of study within Fine Art or Art and Design. A range of art, craft and design processes in two and/or three-dimensions and traditional and new media and technologies. How images, artefacts and products relate to their social, historical, vocational and cultural contexts

Classical Greek
Foreign Language , . French or Italian
Classical Civilisations Classics courses usually contain some element of studying the history and archaeology of the time, so a grounding in the basics will prove helpful if this option is open to you.
History of Art

I am not quite sure as to which career I would like to go into. However, I was considering perhaps Orthoptics, Optometry or even Medicine if I am very lucky. I am considering to take Biology, Chemistry, Sociology and French. I was wondering whether French and Sociology are good subjects to take, for these careers? I am currently in y66 and targeted As, I also achieved an A in GCSE French last year, and I also really enjoy it. I was wondering what careers would be open to me if I did take these subjects? Thank you!

Thanks for your help! I 8767 ve decided to take Bio, Chem, Lit and Maths. I can still do a Psychology degree in university with these subjects right?

We recommend Chemistry, which is a highly respected subject that will stand you in good stead for many desirable degrees. There is something about Chemistry that really trains one 8767 s mind to think in a clear and orderly manner. It is also great fun and demanding (which is why it is held in such high regard).

For instance, if you were to take Sport Science, you would ideally want to have either Maths or Chemistry with it to give you a broader base on options for further study. If you were to take Business Studies, you would definitely want to have Maths as well, as without it you would struggle with related degrees, such as Business, Accounting or Economics.

While having Further Maths is certainly a great help for a Physics degree, it is by no means a requirement. Therefore, you could take Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths at AS, leaving your options open to either Medicine or Physics, and then drop one of those subjects when you have a better idea of the direction you want to take at A7.

Primary teaching is less strict on subject choices. Either English Literature or Maths would serve you well (and both are an improvement on Sociology).

Paper 8 Microeconomics and Macroeconomics assesses students on all four themes. Students are required to apply their knowledge and understanding, make connections and transfer higher-order skills across all four themes. It is worth 85% of the A-Level. It has 655 marks and is divided into two sections each with data response questions and a choice of 75 mark essay question.

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