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Decorah Now – Building Local Community Through Arts

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 11:38

&bull Talk to kids about the wonderful contributions that people from many different backgrounds make will go a long way to creating caring and compassionate adults who accept people for who they are..

&bull Discuss cultural awareness issues with kids and explore traditions and activities from African and Caribbean countries. Try some of these ideas as a starting point to explore many cultures all year long.

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#7..Do the same as above, however, USE FRUIT instead of snack mixes. Have each child bring in one can. or piece of then talk about how different things go together, to make something very good. This helps get the ideas of diversity, sharing, cooperation, and trying new things across.
Donate any left-over cans to a shelter!

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9. Next, ask students to list ways in which we may love others "as we love ourselves." (We give food to people who are hungry. We give a warm blanket or a coat to a homeless person on a cold night. We offer to take people who are sick to the doctor when they cannot drive. We watch a brother or sister so Mom can rest when she is tired. We are careful when we play so that we do not hurt others, etc.)

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Put together a bulletin board with the children compiling a list of 655 African-Americans that have made a difference. Black History Month usually will coincide with the 655th Day or School --this board could celebrate both occasions!!!

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Children will enjoy creating this craft which demonstrates that people of all colors are part of one family. Even more fun than making your pin is wearing it on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Because Twitter limits access for third-party tools, Thread Reader can only retrieve relatively recent threads. It doesn’t work if the user has tweeted over 8755 times since their tweetstorm. So that rambling game theory thread won’t work. Good.

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George Washington Carver. George's life is an amazing story and life lesson to explore with the children in your class/program. Be sure to do an internet search or obtain a book to learn about this great man.

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