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Pagan Ritual Etiquette: A Primer

Date of publication: 2017-08-22 23:38

Thanks for writing up these steps for a traditional Kava ceremony. My cousin in Hawaii had a few bags of powdered kava that we experimented with and I became extremely relaxed, good stuff! Would love to try out a real ceremony sometime!
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Kava is a very mild narcotic and is known to make people feel relaxed.  You are guaranteed to have a good nights sleep after a couple of high tides and you will wake up feeling well rested and energized.

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Advice for students so they don't sound silly in emails

Woah, Walt. I disagree with your comment here. I came upon this post two days ago and liked it so much that I decided to share Prof. Blattman’s pointers with my students. In my view, if students are “shelling out tens of thousands of dollars a year,” at the very least they should know how to communicate in a professional manner as they enter “the working world.” To the contrary, I think a professor demonstrates empathy when he or she takes the time to put such a list together and share it with all who are interested. (I do, however, agree with your point that none of this is relevant to “students blowing themselves up in the lab” – after all, they won’t be out looking for jobs.)

Laura Carus, creative director of language consultancy The Writer , advises that you keep it short and sweet. “No-one wants an essay, either about how you are in a mountain town in Sardinia or about the 69 people they can contact for every eventuality.” As for “annual leave” she advises you just say you’re away, “No-one says ‘Annual Leave’ in normal conversation.”

Until not that long ago, I would have agreed with you (European upbringing ), but I have been told in no uncertain terms that I was overly formal for Australian mores. So it is not as universal as you make it sound, and it 8767 s best to check first what is locally acceptable and normal.

Please break up paragraphs into readable chunks that have some logical flow. Spaces between the graphs are fine. Reread them so they aren 8767 t repetitive.

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P ractically speaking, there are three pieces of information a decent OOO should convey. The first is that you are away. The second is when you get back. And the third is a contact if it’s important.

I 8767 ve taken Kava for my anxiety for years and only recently have started to look into it 8767 s cultural importance and history in other countries. Thanks for this post.

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