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Playing God? Synthetic biology as a theological and

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 06:50

Suffice to say, the default position is that something is NOT going to have a concept that hasn't been introduced to it, otherwise babies will be full of all the knowledge of the word instantly from birth.

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As a Christian, I would not describe Atheism as a religion. It is clearly not a religious sytem - in fact it defines itself as the rejection of the beliefs common to various religious traditions, while asserting no positive values on its own.

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The atheist looks at a thing that appears to be designed,
but sees no designer, but will profess over and over “There is must be no designer,
there must be no designer”.

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It might be, but I would want to do further thinking and research on that question, because it strikes me that some views might reject the existence of the divine and the afterlife without embracing the materialism that is characteristic of standard western atheism.

In spite of a lack of empirical proof for a deity, religious people continue to adhere to the claim. They are religious, which, from the latin root "religio". means they are "bound" or "yoked" to an unproven claim--some people call this religious faith.

That does come up when we address the issue of the marriage of Muhammad to a 6 year old girl. Muslims are not too happy to explain the morality of that today, even though from their religion, the holiness of the Prophet should make it all okay.

It takes a special kind of hypocrisy to go from criticizing homosexuals (men especially) for being too promiscuous, to then denying them the right to marry.

Let's ask a question. Imagine I ask you to put your hand in a bag full of marbles and ask you to pick one out. There is one red one in the bag, all the rest are blue. I think you will agree that there are a lot more ways of picking a blue one out than the red one.

So the issue is not whether one is free to question one is certainly free to do so in all matters which are accessible to human reason, and are not contrary to God's direct revelation.

Usually again does not negate the applicability and "especially" (more than usually) gets closer but still does not negate this definition being inclusive of atheists.

Jesus Christ. He chose 67 apostles to lead the New Israel as they stood in place of the 67 patriarchal tribes of the Old Israel. He did not give the Church the authority to ordain women.

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